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Virtual Escape

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Dive headlong into the world of virtual reality with VIRTUAL ESCAPE, a sensorial extravaganza taking place at MDC’s Tower Theater Miami. This thrilling exhibition will feature a selection of five projects of VR, 360° video technology and Alternative Gaming. This extra-cinematic experience is not to be missed!

Curious about VR and it’s impact in the cinematic world?

Presented in collaboration with: FilmGate Miami & MDC’s MAGIC


DIRECTOR: Jesse Ayala

Direct violence and discriminatory legislation against the transgender community continues to rise at a time when transgender visibility in pop culture continues to break glass ceilings. Step into the lives of three transgender people in the US northwest who are living authentically and taking action to make our communities safer and more prosperous for all.



DIRECTOR: Elizabeth Miller, Juan Carlos Zaldivar, Kim Grinfeder

SOUND DESIGNER: Adrian Morales-Demori

Swamp Scapes VR installation offers an immersive journey to remote regions of the Everglades, one of the most diverse swamps in the world. From the tree tops of urban swamps to the pristine sloughs of the Fakahatchee, discover passionate protectors of Florida’s wetlands. Accompany Betty, a Miccosukee water activist and airboat owner, on a boat ride through the river of grass. Follow Donna, a raptor biologist, to the heights of a hawk’s nest in her quest to understand extinction. Plunge into the waters that Larry, an algae expert, is testing to uncover the frightening long-term consequences of fertilizers. Swamp Scapes explores the complex relationship between humans and this extraordinary ecosystem.



DIRECTOR: Lindsay Grace

In this Alternative Interface Game players compete by providing several well-timed hugs to a 30 inch teddy bear. Instead of firing toy guns at countless enemies or revving the engines of countless gas guzzling virtual cars, why not give a hug? Big Huggin’ is the 9th game in the Critical Gameplay Collection, a collection of video games designed to help reevaluate the way we play.



DIRECTOR: Felipe Aguilar

The coastline of Chocó in the Colombian Pacific, is one of those places on earth where nature is still in control. The dense jungle, a chlorophyll colossus, confronts the sea, which won’t relinquish an inch and pushes back powerfully; great waves with their momentum gathered by whale’s songs and splashes.  From above the rain falls hard, sometimes for days, and thunder frequently lulls the kids to sleep. The people born here are born tough, but also serene and with a particular rhythm brought to life by their constant contact with nature. Potente reveals fascinating fragments of everyday life in this region of the world and its people, using large format photography and augmented reality.



DIRECTOR: Lindsay Grace

This is a simple game where the player is encouraged to refrain from acting on the world. As the player moves the world disappears, but when the player waits, the world becomes more interesting. The majesty is found in the slow, controlled effort. Players are awarded points when the little things in life reveal themselves. Wait, is also part of the Critical Gameplay Collection.


Thursday, October 11: 

Exclusively for patrons of GEMS 2018 Opening Night Party

Friday, October 12: 

2:30 PM – 11:30 PM

Saturday, October 13: 

3:30 PM – 11:30 PM

Sunday, October 14: 

2:30 PM – 9:30 PM