MDC’s Tower Theater Miami
1508 SW 8th St

Birds of Passage (Opening Night Film)

Florida Premiere

DIRECTED BY Cristina Gallego, Ciro Guerra

Country: Colombia, Denmark, France, Mexico
Language: English, Spanish, Wayuu
Subtitles: English
Original Title: Pájaros de verano

Running Time: 125min
Film Year: 2018
Category: Marimbas Award, Spotlight Series

Birds of Passage charts the origins of the Colombian drug trade, through the epic story of an indigenous Wayuu family that becomes involved in the booming business of selling marijuana to American youths during the 1970s. When greed, passion and honor collide, a fratricidal war breaks out that will put their lives, their culture and their ancestral traditions at stake.


Colombia’s entry for the 2019 Foreign-Language Academy Award



Thursday October 11th @ 7:15pm MDC’s Tower Theater Miami Add to Schedule


Director: Cristina Gallego, Ciro Guerra
Producer: Cristina Gallego, Katrin Pors
Screenwriter: María Camila Arias, Jacques Toulemonde (Based on a story by Cristina Gallego)
Production Company: Ciudad Lunar Produciones, Blond Indian, Snowglobe, Pimienta Films, Films Boutique, Bord Cadre Films

Music: Leonardo Heiblum
Cinematographer: David Gallego
Editor: Miguel Schverdfinger

Cast: Carmina Martinez, José Acosta, Natalia Reyes, Jhon Narvaez, Greider Meza, Jose Vicente Cote, Juan Bautista Martinez
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Cristina Gallego, Ciro Guerra

Cristina Gallego is a producer and director born in Bogota, Colombia. She studied film and television at the National University of Colombia. She has produced numerous films including Embrace of the Serpent (2015), nominated for the Foreign-Language Accademy Award and part of GEMS 2015. Birds of Passage (2018) is her directorial debut.

Ciro Guerra is a Colombian film director and screenwriter.  After directing several short films, Guerra gained major notoriety through films such as Wandering Shadows (2004), The Wind Journey (2009) and the Oscar-nominated Embrace of the Serpent (2015). Birds of Passage (2018) is his latest film.

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